038 – Democrats scare the healthcare sector plus Marker Therapeutics breakdown

Hey all, tonight I talk about the latest downswing in biotech/pharma and I breakdown Marker Therapeutics. This company has a novel platform to activate T cells for cancer treatment that significantly reduces side effects, which are common in CAR-T.

I jumbled over explaining target optimization. Basically, the company is using the same antigen targets to prime their T cell prep for pancreatic cancer that they are using for blood cancers. I think this is a mistake given the significant difference in character of the two cancers. On their business update call, they explained that it will be easy for them to add new targets and switch up the current ones, but there will need to be a process for this. Despite this, it’s possible the AML targets are enough to have some impact on pancreatic cancer, which is my justification for a small position before the data is released. Follow me @matthewlepoire for my tweet confirming the purchase.

Couple clarifications: 1. I said the breast cancer interim data is due in Q4-2019. This is a mistake and should be ovarian cancer. 2. The target of current CAR-T therapies is CD19, the expressed protein in the T cells is the ‘CAR’. 3. Marker was founded in 1992, not last year, like I said. 4. ASCO rules prohibit the inclusion of clinical outcome data in TIP abstract submissions.

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