052 – BATTLING for the Top Anti-VEGF Eye Therapy

UPDATE 11/29/2019: Check out this image from Clearside’s investor presentation about the different ‘back of eye’ delivery methods

Happy Thanksgiving! In this video, I talk about all things related to eye diseases caused by over-proliferating endothelial cells. These diseases are currently treated by monthly intravitreal injections but there are new therapies in clinical trials that are likely to unseat them. I touch on #RGNX, #ADVM and #KOD as well as some others that have made headlines in the last couple weeks.

Relevant publication: Ding et al. AAV8-vectored Suprachoroidal Gene Transfer Produces Widespread Ocular Transgene Expression. JCI. 2019

Image credit: https://ir.clearsidebio.com/static-files/c9c4b682-92aa-4f3d-84df-6343468e340c

*This is not investment advice, so please do your own due diligence before investing*


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