075 – Cyclerion SCRAPS Sickle Cell Disease to Focus on CNS! Hepion Interview Follow Up

Cyclerion effectively fails in their Phase 2 Sickle Cell Disease trial but shows mixed CNS data. I go through the positive aspects of the data and discuss the potential for the company (and my position). In the latter part of the video, I do a follow up to the Hepion interview I did with the […]

074 – Hepion Tackles NASH in P2 with Cyclophilin Inhibitor | Interview with HEPA CEO Robert Foster

Hepion Pharmaceutical’s (#HEPA) CRV431 is a broad cyclophilin inhibitor that has shown preclinical efficacy to reduce fibrosis in NASH. HEPA is about to release data from their Multiple Ascending Trial P1 study, which will be followed by data from their Phase 2a study later this year/early 2021. In this interview, I discuss the company’s progress […]

073 – Mirati to Rival Amgen in Solid Tumors! Regeneron Announces Positive COVID Antibody Data

Mirati’s KRAS G12C molecule MRTX849 has shown some efficacy in NSCLC, CRC and AC in a small patient population. At the end of Oct/2020, new data will come out that may rival Amgen’s AMG510. Regeneron announced this week positive data in their Antibody Cocktail for the treatment of COVID-19. Patients that were seronegative had the […]

072 – Cyclerion’s Upcoming Sickle Cell/Neurologic Disease Data! New TRIL/SAVA/ETNB Positive Readouts

Cyclerion is switching gears from their failed trials in 2019 into Sickle Cell Disease and Neurologic Disease. By targeting soluble guanylate cyclase, they are able to promote cGMP and vasodilation. This has big potential for both indications, which we are expecting a readout in the next couple weeks. I also talk about updates from TRIL, […]

071 – Evofem To Launch On-Demand Contraceptive. ODT Hits Primary Endpoint But Side Effects Worry

Evofem is preparing to launch their non-hormonal, on-demand female contraceptive, Phexxi. I talk about the company’s expectations on market penetration and what might be causing the difference with regards to valuation. Odonate’s Contessa trial showed an improvement in progression-free survival with their oral taxane therapy for breast cancer (Tesataxel), but the treatment also had significant […]

070 – BioXcel Leverages AI to Tackle Disease! Cassava’s PTI-125 has a Suspicious Coincidence

BioXcel (#BTAI) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company looking to commercialize neuroscience and oncology products developed with the help of their unique AI technology. I go through the data they have seen to date and upcoming catalysts that are likely to significantly affect the stock in the short term. As well, I touch on Cassava Sciences’ […]

069 – AstraZeneca Rivals Moderna in Race to Successful SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine with ChAdOx1 nCov-19!

AstraZeneca (#AZN) publishes their Phase 1/2 data of their SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate ChAdOx1 nCov-19. I go through the side effects, humoral efficacy and cellular response and contrast the results to Moderna’s (#MRNA) candidate, MRNA-1273. I also talk about a few other biotech companies, notably: $TRIL, $VKTX and $BLUE. If you want to help the show, […]

068 – Biotech Round Up (RGNX, ODT, AXGT, CBIO) and Moderna Phase 1 Interim Publication

In this episode I go through a few different biotech companies that I have touched on in the past (some which I have current positions). I close out the episode talking about Moderna and the publication of the interim data from their Phase 1 study for MRNA-1273, a vaccine for Sars-CoV 2. If you want […]

067 – Intercept Pharma’s Ocaliva Fails to get Approval in NASH while FGFs Compete for Best in Class

After delays in scheduling their advisory committee meeting, the FDA finally sends Intercept Pharma ($ICPT) a Complete Response Letter. In the letter, the FDA says that the benefits of Ocaliva shown via surrogate histopathologic endpoints do not sufficiently outweight the risks to support accelerated approval. Intercept will likely need to collect outcomes data to finally […]

066 – Actinium Pharma’s Transformative Radiation Treatment. KPTI’s Selinexor Approved for DLBCL!

Actinium Pharma (#ATNM) is commercializing Antibody-Radiation Conjugates (ARC) for the treatment of diseases that require conditioning regimens (Bone Marrow Transplant, Stem Cell Transplant, Adoptive Cell Therapies). The current state of total body irradiation leaves patients with significant side effects and excludes a large demographic due to potential lethality of the conditioning treatment. ATNM is testing […]