103 – CD47 Companies FALL on New Data! Biogen Negativity Continues with Looming NCD Decision

Two CD47 targeting companies announced data updates from their clinical programs: Shattuk Labs and ALX Oncology. Both have suffered major stock price declines and in this episode, I go through the updates and discuss the potential of their molecules moving forward.

Biogen cannot catch a break with the latest news continuing to contribute to new stock price lows. However, Medicare is close to announcing their National Coverage Determination (NCD) decision on Aduhelm, which will be a big mover for the stock.

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051 – Amarin Receives UNANIMOUS Recommendation from Advisory Committee

I’m back! Here are the companies I touch on in this video:

Sarepta: 2:30
Trevena: 4:08
Viking: 5:40
Regenxbio: 7:47
Biogen: 12:35
Amarin: 17:38

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040 – Biogen faces another headwind with Zolgensma approval

Hi all, I’m back today talking about the approval of Avexis/Novartis’ gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy, Zolgensma. I also talk about how I came to a conclusion about whether or not I should short Biogen.

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025 – Biogen & Adamas Disappoint but Esperion Thrives

Today, I go through the subgroup analyses of BAN2401 from Biogen/Eisai, the latest Esperion p3 data and the disappointing results from Adamas’ Q3 results.

This is not investment advice, but only for information purposes.

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Does BAN2401 Actually Work? Upcoming Subgroup Analyses

Biogen/Eisai to present updated subgroup analyses on their Phase 2 study looking at their Alzheimer’s medicine, BAN2401. This antibody binds to amyloid beta protofibrils, reducing plaques in the brain. In this video, I go through Biogen’s original data and talk about the problems parsing the Apoe E4+ patients.

The options market is pricing in a 22 pt move in the stock by Oct 26th.

The CTAD 2018 presentation schedule can be found here:
(Note: I said 24th in the video but it’s really the 25th)

Other relevant links:

Click to access 4523_180726.pdf


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