066 – Actinium Pharma’s Transformative Radiation Treatment. KPTI’s Selinexor Approved for DLBCL!

Actinium Pharma (#ATNM) is commercializing Antibody-Radiation Conjugates (ARC) for the treatment of diseases that require conditioning regimens (Bone Marrow Transplant, Stem Cell Transplant, Adoptive Cell Therapies). The current state of total body irradiation leaves patients with significant side effects and excludes a large demographic due to potential lethality of the conditioning treatment. ATNM is testing a targeted approach that could allow for substantially more patients to be treated and reduce side effects. I go through the details of the company and talk about why the risk/reward favors longs into the next catalyst.

Karyopharm (#KPTI) recently received news that their drug Selinexor (XPOVIO) is approved for 3L DLBCL, which should drive a nice amount of revenue for the company.

Link to myeloablative therapy costs: https://www.pharllc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/10-2017_Cost.pdf

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049 – Is Odonate’s Hype Overblown?

Today, I talk breast cancer and how Odonate’s oral Taxane (Tesataxel) could garner the attention of doctor’s looking to alleviate the burden of IV chemotherapy infusion in their patients. I discuss the latest macro news, biotech news, and compare previous Taxane revenue to see if my model is reasonable.

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044 – Marker Therapeutics DISAPPOINTS in pancreatic cancer

Hi all, today I talk about the #MRKR interim update of their MultiTAA treatment in pancreatic cancer. I go through the data in all 3 arms and analyze whether or not they see an actual effect of their unique therapy.

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029 – Powell ruins the market. DBVT pulls BLA!

Hey everybody, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the holidays. I talk about 3 things in this video:

1. The federal reserve and chairman Powell’s comments on their guidance and the economy.
2. DBVT pulling their BLA and my opinion on both them and AIMT.
3. CRISPR/Cas9 and the companies commercializing the tech.

*This is only my opinion and should not be considered financial advice*


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