057 – Updating on TRVN, MRKR, BIIB and Institutional Buys

Hey everybody, in this episode I give updates on Trevena, Marker Therapeutics, and Biogen. I also touch on recent Alzheimer’s failures by Lilly and Roche. I wrap up the episode talking about some of the 13G filings from various hedge funds/advisors and what it could mean for our favorite biotechs.

Unfortunately, the video did not encode properly and I wasn’t able to fix it so we’re going audio-only. Check out the tweet from @pawcio2009 I refer to regarding institutional buys and sells here: https://twitter.com/pawcio2009/status/1228548473592655873

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051 – Amarin Receives UNANIMOUS Recommendation from Advisory Committee

I’m back! Here are the companies I touch on in this video:

Sarepta: 2:30
Trevena: 4:08
Viking: 5:40
Regenxbio: 7:47
Biogen: 12:35
Amarin: 17:38

all of this is only opinion and nothing I have said should be taken as investment advice



Trevena lied to investors? Fails advisory committee

-Trevena’s morphine competitor, Oliceridine, just received negative news from the FDA Advisory Committee. The FDA PDUFA date is November 2nd, but they are likely to follow the adcom’s decision

-It also look like Trevena mislead investors by announcing they had successful meetings with the FDA, while the FDA claims they had many problems with the study-design proposed by TRVN including endpoints and statistical analyses.

-Press releases from TRVN in the past say different than the adcom documents, which many firms are taking up as class action lawsuits…especially given TRVN’s latest 8-K filing

I do not have any position in the company and this is not investment advice.

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Click to access UCM622730.pdf


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